Price Schedule
The current recharge rates for Core services can be found at: https://www.chem.indiana.edu/bms/service.html

Contact Information
Jonathan C. Trinidad, PhD
Director of Biological Mass Spectrometry
Department of Chemistry, Indiana University
812 856-4126

Confidentiality Policy
Data obtained from samples submitted to the Core are considered confidential and will not be shared with third parties without the user’s express and written consent.

Conflict Resolution Policy
In the event that disagreements arise with respect to issues such as proper protocols for instrument usage, instrument access, billing disputes, conflicts of interest, or authorship, the Core Director will first discuss this with the respective Principle Investigator. In the event that a mutually agreeable resolution cannot be reached, either (or both) of these parties can solicit the assistance of the Core Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee for the Laboratory for Biological Mass Spectrometry is:
Professor David Giedroc (Department of Chemistry)
Professor David Clemmer (Department of Chemistry)
Professor Richard Hardy (Department of Biology)

Cost Recovery / Payment Policy
At the time of sample submission, all IU-affiliated laboratories are required to submit a current University account number to which charges for use of the Core can be billed. External users should contact the Core Director prior to submitting samples to coordinate payment.

Prioritization of Work Policy
User accessible Core instruments must be reserved via our online reservation system. For details and access, contact the Core Director. In general, samples are processed on a “first come, first serve” basis. However, due to the varied types of analysis that may be performed and the current availability of a given instrument, slight modifications to this rule may be made by the Core Director.

Publications Policy

The Core provides a range of services for researchers, some of which do not constitute a substantial intellectual contribution to merit authorship on any resulting publication. Examples of such projects include the routine analysis of protein MW and identification of a protein from a PAGE gel. If there is significant intellectual or organizational effort on the part of Core personnel, then authorship on resulting publications is expected. Examples of substantial intellectual contribution include expert data analysis of MS/MS spectra for elucidation of post-translational modifications, and large-scale analysis of quantitative MS results to interpret data in the context of biological networks.