The Laboratory for Biological Mass Spectrometry acts as a Research & Analytical Center based out of the Department of Chemistry. We are able to characterize a broad range of biological materials and our capabilities include: proteomic, metabolomics, lipidomic, glycoproteomic and glycomic analyses.

To submit samples for analysis by the laboratory, please complete the following form and e-mail to Jonathan Trinidad, or drop off a hard copy along with your samples: submission form.doc

The current pricing for routine analysis can be found here: LBMS_rates_2022.pdf

In addition, we specialize in the analysis of more complicated (less routine) projects. Examples of such research-based projects include:

  1. Characterization of the post-translational modification states of a target protein.
  2. Large-scale quantification of cell-wide protein levels using stable isotopes.
  3. The enrichment/characterization/and quantification of post-translationally modified peptides from complex mixtures.
  4. Large-scale metabolite profiling as a function of cellular state.
For assistance in experimental design of mass spectrometry-based projects or to inquire about establishing a research-based collaboration, contact the Director of Biological Mass Spectrometry: Jonathan Trinidad.